Hilary, aged 23 (and counting).

I am half Italian, half Welsh, bilingual, bicultural and very much in love with both my cultural heritages. I was born and grew up in Italy with nice wine and friendly people, spent my summers in Wales with fresh air and my wonderful crazy family, then lived in London for three years, graduated in Contemporary Media Practice with First Class Honours and decided to move to West Wales and rediscover the unexplored half of my cultural heritage.

I like to breathe fresh air, eat colourful things and explore places I don’t know. I also like to write about what goes on inside my head, places I’ve visited and recipes I’ve tested. My opinions are based on what I know and what I’ve experienced in my life thus far: I may be naive at times, but my mind and arms are wide open.

I also potter around with artsy things sometimes. You can find out all about that here: hilarymasin.co.uk